People who are leaders and who cause changes are usually people who are passionate about what they do. They can be found engrossed in what they are passionate about. This means they spend time with what moves them. The more time you spend with someone or something, you tend to get influenced. Contact and time…the key to being influenced. To create and sustain passion you need to spend time with what you love. The results will eventually show overtime. Invest time in your endeavours, you can’t help but get results. Invest in your mind, invest in knowledge, invest in actively pursuing your dreams. This time invested will eventually turn and your dreams will start to chase you!!!

*Good morning*

I won’t be posting any write-up for the next *11* days…would be very busy on those days…
Thanks for your understanding



*Saturday’s Motivation*

Its shocking to realise the number of persons who love poverty! The vast majority of the populace are in love with poverty!

How else would you describe a man who says he hates something yet does the things that invite what he claims to hate?

When people are sick because they hate it, they do something about it! How come someone is sick with poverty and is waiting for someone else, the government and circumstances to make him well?

I ask you again, “do you love poverty?”

Poverty or wealth, success or failure are all a product of your choice. Take responsibility and take charge. If others can do it, why not you?

*Yes you can!*

“Being poor now just leads to being more poor later. Can’t pay to clean your teeth? Next year, pay for a root canal. Can’t pay for a new mattress? Next year, pay for back surgery. Can’t pay to get that lump checked out? Next year, pay for stage 3 cancer. Poverty charges interest” — Tay

“If you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor its your mistake.” Bill Gates.




The mind is the womb of the future. A dream is simply your mind pregnant with the picture of your tomorrow. Be drawn to your tomorrow as you construct it in your imagination today. Dream freely. Its a gift of God to be able to dream. Put no limits on what you can achieve. Limitations are self generated. People who did great things removed the limitations and pursued their dreams. People called them crazy but they did it anyway.
So can you. Create your future in your imagination and use your hands to bring it to pass. This is the capacity God has gifted man. Use it freely and live life to the full. Dream, then do. Do and then it shall be done! Take the limits off. Yes you can.


By MoMo

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